Ästhetische Eigenzeiten – Zeit und Darstellung in der polychronen Moderne

Die Zeit der Tiere. Zur Biodiversität modernen Zeitwissens

Lena Kugler (Konstanz)

Teilprojekte Phase: 1. 2.

Animal Time. On the Biodiversity of Modern Time-Knowledge

When the geological deep time and also the age of men is identified and ascertained by fossils; when natural history gets its praxis and at the same time its aesthetics through animal preparations; when both production processes and slaughter cattle are deconstructed and accelerated on assembly lines or when the »autonomic« internal clock is discovered with the sleeping behavior of birds – the specific knowledge of time is always made and represented with concrete animals and in various technics and methods.

The project wants to explore the poetologically and epistemologically striking biodiversity of modern time-knowledge with the investigation of various animal arte- and biofacts. By analyzing five time-formations – deep time, dissected/stuffed time, physiology of time, production time and the future of animals – the project aims to make a contribution to the history of the constitution of a »polychronical modernity«.